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African Book Safari! It's me up front!

During the month of October, several authors, who either live in Africa or are rooted in this amazing continent, are teaming up for an exciting adventure.

We're going on an Africa Book Safari! Together, we will discover some of the rich, diverse colors and nuances of Africa through stories, devotions, and memoirs, all set in Africa. What’s more, because we are writers, we would like to invite you all to come along with us! For free!

We will be traveling together in a blog hop through ten blog posts featuring fiction and non-fiction books, all centered in Africa. Our Safari Guide will be interviewing each of us, and we invite you to listen in as we chat about ourselves and our books. You will find the interviews on the author’s own sites, as well as posted on one another’s blogs or websites.

So come along and join in the fun! And here comes our guide who will be taking us on our safari.

Safari Guide: Hi! I believe you are Ashley Winter, is that correct?

Ashley: Yes, I’m Ashley. And you, I presume, are going to be our Tour Leader for this great time. What should we call you?

Safari Guide: You can call me Mr. Africa! Are you all comfortable? Please buckle up your seat-belts. Starting today, I plan to show you all different angles to this continent. Ashley, it’s your turn to sit up front with me. Everyone, let’s go discover Africa!

As our large safari landrover moves away from the buildings and heads into the wilds of Africa, Mr. Africa swings in his seat to face me.

Safari Guide / Mr. Africa: So, Ashley, tell me a bit about yourself. Have you always lived in Africa?

Ashley: I was born in Scottburgh, South Africa, then moved to Dundee in KZN where I completed my schooling. I then moved to Pietermaritzburg to study, where I met my husband. We felt God lead us to help with a church plant in Wales in 2009, and that's where we are now, in beautiful Swansea on Gower. :-)

Mr. Africa: And what family do you have?

Ashley: I have a brother in Durban, a sister in Alabama with my parents, a husband and four sons! (16, 14, 12, 6)

Mr. Africa: Ashley, did you always want to be a writer? Or what prompted you to start writing?

Ashley: I have wanted to be so many different things! And yes, a writer was one of them. What prompted me to start writing was the lack of Christian fiction set in my country and culture, South Africa. 

Mr. Africa: What genre do you write in, and why?

Ashley: I write Christian romance mostly, but lately, I've enjoyed adding in a large dollop of suspense and/or fast-paced action. My latest book is a thriller.

Mr. Africa: What book are you going to be sharing with us during this safari? Tell us a little about it. What inspired this particular story or topic?

Ashley: I'm going to be sharing the first book of my series which is my debut, Rachel's Blessing. I love this book because it is heartwarming and emotional - a real feel-good novel. It also showcases a mixture of cultures. Rachel is a British girl who heads to South Africa when her fiancé ends their engagement. There she volunteers at a rural orphanage and soon meets the attractive local game ranger, Eric. Because Rachel is foreign, readers get to see South Africa through her eyes. This is great for international readers to experience the wonder of the country and culture and amusing for South Africans to glimpse how a foreigner would view certain things in their culture. 

Mr. Africa: Ashley, it sounds exciting, and I’m looking forward to reading it myself. You obviously have a deep love for this land. What in particular makes Africa so special for you?

Ashley: Oh there is so much! If I have to choose one thing, it would be the warmth and strength of the people who call Africa their home.

Mr. Africa: Oh wow, look! There's a lioness and her three new cubs playing together. What a sight! Let's park here for a while and watch them. I'll haul out the refreshments, I have a huge selection here. Perhaps one of the other authors can join me in the front. Ashley, which do you prefer? Coffee or tea? Sweet or savory?

Ashley: Oooo la la, Mr Afrika, now you are spoiling me! Rooibos tea with a slab of Milo chocolate or an Ouma's buttermilk rusk!

Mr. Africa: You're a woman after my own heart! Coming right up!

Please, everyone, stay in the vehicle and visitors, feel free to visit us all!

Other authors along for the ride:

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Shirley Corder
Shirley Corder
Nov 01, 2019

Thanks for all your participation in the book safari, Ashley. I really enjoyed your posts. Blessings!


Lynne Roberts
Lynne Roberts
Oct 25, 2019

I have loved each and every book in this series. Ashley is truly a Proudly South African author.


Oct 25, 2019

Hi Ashley! You have had a very interesting live. Have you lived in the same place since your children were born? If so which do you prefer, living in one place or going to different places?

I have to ask, Rooibos tea, is it a hot tea or iced? I prefer hot tea. I’m definitely not an ice tea drinker. Is it similar to Jasmine tea? That’s my favorite. Thank you for sharing your story and being here today!


Oct 25, 2019

I have enjoyed reading all the books in your series. It is so refreshing to read books with content that we, as South Africans, can relate to. I eagerly wait for each new book.

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