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Forget the Lies - The Pretence - Book 1

She can't remember - He can't forget

Jessica Taylor is at the top of her game. Daring to live her best life and inspiring hundreds of thousands to follow her example - how to dress, what to eat, how to exercise, what books to read and most importantly - what to buy.
Jessica is one of the most successful influencers South Africa has ever seen. That is, until a fatal accident changes everything. But was it an accident?

Nathan Southey is angry and looking for someone to blame. And his beautiful sister-in-law fits the bill to perfection. How is it that he has to find out about his brother's death on social media? Would the woman stop at nothing to grow her fan club? He wouldn't even be surprised if she'd had a hand in his death. 
It was past time Ms Jessica Rae Taylor got what was coming to her. Him. He was coming and he wouldn't be leaving without answers.

Forget the Lies is Book One in a two book series - The Pretence. If you enjoy Christian fiction with romance, suspense and mystery thrown in the mix, and a dreamy happily-ever-after, all set against the backdrop of sunny South Africa, then this is for you.

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