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Gemma's Joy - Love in South Africa - Book 4

Thirty-three year old Gemma Botha's world is turned upside-down with the sudden death of her beloved husband, Morné. Alone with a young son and no inheritance, Gemma is not only devastated, but also penniless. When a single father, Gavin, makes her an offer she can’t refuse, Gemma jumps at the life-changing opportunity. But as she spends more and more time with Gavin, she wrestles with the guilt her growing feelings for him conjure.

Will Gemma’s heart ever be free enough to take a chance on Gavin? Or will the secret he discovers push them apart forever?

Gemma’s Joy, Book Four in the series, Love in South Africa, is a story about healing and a joy that comes in the morning after the night of sorrow!

Please note that Book Four follows on from Book Three, Tanya’s Hope, and is not a stand alone title. Readers are strongly advised to begin the series with Book One.

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