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Carolyn's Freedom - Love in South Africa - Book 13

The year is 1994. The place - South Africa.

Carolyn Thurston is a world away from the life she once led as Carolyn Vorster - the innocent Durban girl from a broken home. Now, she is envied the world over as one of South Africa’s top models: successful, wealthy, beautiful and with everything a woman could possibly want - or so it seems.
Behind closed doors, however, nothing could be further from the truth. With the price of her success climbing higher by the day, Carolyn finds herself a prisoner of her naive decisions and more specifically, the powerful man who took her to the top.

Driven by a shameful deed in his past, Dr David Peters, a human rights lawyer, has spent his entire adult life running. Yet despite his desperate attempts to forget the man he was, and the man he’d wronged, he cannot forget the young woman he’d loved. So when she suddenly makes contact, pleading for his help, David obliges, then finds himself thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

With everything on the line, will David be able to free the woman he loves from the monstrous man who holds her captive? And will she still want him once she knows the truth of his real identity and the unforgivable wrong that drove him to change it?

Carolyn’s Freedom, Book Thirteen in the Love in South Africa series, is a high-paced action thriller and follows on from Book Twelve, Lindie’s Land.

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