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Christmas at Hlala Nathi - Love in South Africa - Book 14

Ambitious chef, Jason Fourie, is headed one way - to the top. Nothing and no one will stand between him and his future Michelin stars - no set-back, no negative review, and certainly not the tempting new waitress on staff at Hlala Nathi.

Homeless and on the run, Leah Anderson arrives at Hlala Nathi game reserve with one bag of clothes and a bucketload of secret shame. Will she be able to rebuild her life after so much private loss? And will the truth about her halt any chance at a future with the love-shy sous chef?

Elsewhere on the reserve, Rachel Pieterson, on the edge of a deep depression, is blown away by a timely gift from God - the gift of a baby daughter. But will what God requires of her prove far more than she can bear?

At the same time, after years of pulling in opposite directions, Johan and Deborah need a miracle to save what remains of their rocky marriage. When they are put in charge of organising a Christmas fete at the reserve, tensions soar and Deborah feels sure this could be the final straw. Will Deborah and Johan yield themselves to the One who can heal and restore even the most broken of hearts?

Meet new characters and visit with old ones in this Christian romance, Christmas at Hlala Nathi, Book 14 of the Love in South Africa series. This book is not a standalone title and should be read anytime after Book 10, Mariaan’s List.

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