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When Darkness Falls - Tugela River Romances - Book 1

A devastating loss, a broken marriage, and a God who never lets go...

Luke Meyer no longer believes in the goodness of God. Not after the unthinkable shock that drove him and the wife of his youth apart. Now, devoted to emergency medicine in the bustling coastal city of Durban, his former home in the Drakensberg mountains feels a million miles away.

Vanessa Meyer imagined a different life to the one she now leads - a life with a loving husband and a houseful of children. Still, she remains grateful for the daughter she does have and a place to call home in the mountains, even if it is without the man she once so loved.

When family illness forces the hurting pair back together after so many years apart, will the resurfaced memories and secrets bring only pain, or will the ex-lovers find healing, not only for their marriage, but for their hearts also.

A tender tale of second chance love, a surprise blessing and a fresh start.

When Darkness Falls is book one of three in the Tugela River Romance series - a Christian romantic suspense series set in South Africa. While each book features its own main couple, there is an overarching suspense plot which will only be resolved at the end of book three. This series should therefore be read in order.

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