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Janice's Secret - Love in South Africa - Book 11

The year is 1975. The place - Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa

Janice Vorster knows just the sort of man she will never marry -- a charming casanova like her father. When she manages to break free from his abusive clutches, seventeen year old Janice, along with her mother and sister, find themselves at the mercy of an Afrikaans farmer and his troubled wife.
Employed to care for the couple's wheelchair-bound son, Janice's mother is determined to do all she can to ensure a brighter future for her daughters.

André and Kobus Pieterson have always been close, but life on the farm has never been this tough. Caught between the strain of their disabled younger brother's growing needs and their parents' rocky marriage, André focuses all his energy on being the perfect son and student. Kobus, however, with his faith damaged by the suffering of those around him, turns to girls, alcohol and cigarettes.

And then they meet Janice.

As the brothers vie for the attention of the beautiful blonde living in their family's rondavel, disaster strikes. Janice turns to the one her heart longs for, only to find herself in a desperate situation.

Will Kobus be willing to rethink all he believes in order to help the girl he's starting to love? Or will André step up and be the man Janice needs?

Janice's Secret is a family drama prequel to Rachel's Blessing.


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