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Katherine's Fear - Love in South Africa - Book 5

Thirty-two year old MI5 analyst Katherine Evans, is not getting married, ever. The very last thing she needs, is to lose what she values most by being bound to a man; her independence.

But when Kat witnesses a multiple murder she finds herself the prime target of a notorious London gang. Determined to get to South Africa for her brother Gavin’s wedding, headstrong Kat risks all to do just that. With her life and the lives of those she loves on the line, Katherine is forced to seek the help of a man she loathes. The handsome Afrikaans businessman she met on the plane, Ruan.

As the threat intensifies, so do the sparks between them. Will Katherine be able to see past her prejudices to the man behind the wealth? And more importantly, will she be able to overcome her greatest fear and allow love to enter her life unrestrained?

Katherine’s Fear, Book 5 in the Love in South Africa series, is an action-packed romance about overcoming the fear of intimacy through the knowledge of God’s perfect love.

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