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Deborah's Choice - Love in South Africa - Book 2

A South African wedding leads to a life-changing predicament.


Thirty-three year old Deborah Wright has the perfect life. With her soulmate, Gavin at her side, British-born Deborah is convinced that God has her future mapped out before her. With their shared medical careers, Gavin and Deb dream of helping those less fortunate in rural Africa. When Deb's sister gets married in South Africa, Deb is excited to preview a taste of all her dreams hold there with Gavin.


Then Deb meets Johan, a local game ranger and rugby player.


Initally annoyed with absolutely everything about him, Deb fights her surprising attraction for this near stranger as she clings to her dreams with Gavin. Will Deb and Gavin's love be strong enough to overcome this trial? Or is it possible that Deb's plans were not God's plans to begin with? With hilarious moments and intense encounters, join Deborah as she navigates the depths of her heart in this contemporary Christian romance set in beautiful South Africa, Book 2 in the series, Love in South Africa.


Please note that Book 2 follows on from Book 1, Rachel's Blessing, and is not a stand alone title. Readers are advised to begin the series with Book One.

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