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Mariana's List - Love in South Africa - Book 10

Twenty-five year old Mariaan Koekemoer, is looking for the perfect husband. Each man she meets is swiftly measured up against her stringent list of essential husband qualities. A promising young chef, Mariaan is convinced she has the recipe for the perfect married life, and no ingredient can be overlooked, most especially when love and attraction threaten to cloud her judgement.

Twenty-seven year old Brendon, AKA, Vibes, has lived most of his life in the shadow of his successful older brother, Mark. Unsure of how and where he fits in the world, Brendon battles to find employment and along with that, confidence and self-worth. When his heart leads him in a direction he’d never imagined, he follows it with the determination of a man desperate to prove himself, not only to his friends and family, but also to the beautiful chef who seems so difficult to impress.

Will the efforts of the struggling man ever be enough to turn the head of the no-nonsense beauty? And to what lengths will he be willing to go to do just that?

Mariaan’s List is Book Ten in the Love in South Africa series, and should be read in sequence after Book Nine, Elmarie's Home.

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