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Jennifer's Dream - Love in South Africa - Book 8

Twenty-seven year old Jennifer Nel has a difficult cross to bear. Having lost her foot during a traumatic childhood event, Jennifer is an amputee. But she also has a dream, a dream that has taken hold of her heart. And now, twenty-three years after the incident, she is finally ready to trust God for what she wants; a career in music and her own family.

Still afraid to reveal the truth about her disability, Jennifer signs up to a local dating site, hoping to meet someone who will see beyond her imperfections. There she connects anonymously with a man looking for something deeper. At the same time she takes her first job as a cleaner for a highly successful rock musician, Jaco de Jager. As her feelings for her famous client grow, he gives the impression that he is falling for her too. But what will he say when he finds out about her disability? Will a man so focussed on his image be able to love an amputee? Or will Jennifer find true love in the arms of another man? The man behind the screen.

Jennifer’s Dream is Book Eight in the Love in South Africa series. Please note that it is not a stand alone title, and readers are advised to begin the series with Book One, Rachel’s Blessing.


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