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Lindie's Land - Love in South Africa - Book 12

For land or lady?

The year is 1980, the place - a maize farm on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

After a heartbreaking final year of school, sport-mad Lindie Bester pursues her new dream of becoming a show jumping champion and starting a horse-riding school on her father's farm. Armed with passion, skill, a prized mare and a highly regarded British trainer, Lindie is well on her way to doing just that.

Kobus Pieterson has spent the last four years of his life fighting on the Angolan border. When his ailing father summons him home to help with the harvest, Kobus knows his time in the army is over. Discovering his father's dream to start a game reserve is still as strong as his own, the pair devise a plan to secure the additional land they need. The catch? Kobus must convince the girl who once loved him, the woman who now hated him, to forget the hurt he'd caused and marry him.

When Lindie's father and stepmother are involved in a freak car accident, Lindie's world is shaken. Convinced of a sinister plot, Lindie's injured father employs the only man he knows and trusts with military training, his neighbour's son, Kobus, to protect his family.
Can Kobus figure out who is trying to harm the Besters while keeping the woman he is starting to love, safe? And amidst the chaos, can he convince her to risk it all, dump her horse-crazy boyfriend and take another chance on him?

Lindie's Land is an exciting romantic suspense, and follows after Book Eleven, Janice's Secret. Please note it is not a stand alone title, and readers are strongly advised to begin the series with Book One, Rachel's Blessing.

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