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When Shadows Linger - Tugela River Romance - Book 3


Horse-crazy Amelia Meyer has finally said yes to a man. He wasn't the sort of man who rocked her world the way Tim Heyns had, but at least this man didn't conjure up her worst memories, and her darkest shame. Furthermore, he didn't pry into her past, and... he was a vet. Major plus! Surely, if anyone could understand her deep love for horses, he could.

Tim Heyns hasn't been the same since his high school sweetheart had called things off. Determined not to feel that sort of pain again, headstrong Tim chooses the single path and buries himself in his police work - the busier the better.

But when a staff member is murdered on Amelia's family's resort, and the evidence points to her, Tim cannot do nothing. On undercover assignment, he endeavours to crack the case wide open, find the truth and free Amelia from this tangled deception. But would he lose his heart in the process only to be rejected again? Or would Amelia's dark secret be the final nail in their turbulent relationship?

When Shadows Linger is Book Two in the Tugela River Romance series - a Christian romantic suspense novel set in South Africa's breathtaking Drakensberg Mountain range. It follows on from Book One, When Darkness Falls, and should be read in order.

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