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Suzanne's Chance - Love in South Africa - Book 6

Fifty-year old Suzanne Coetzee is finally ready to move on. After decades of waiting for the love of her life and father of her child, Braam, to return to her, she gives up the dream of the family she‘d longed for, in the hopes of a new beginning. When handsome British doctor, Charles, shows an interest in her, Suzanne begins to imagine their beautiful future together.

Everything between them is suddenly threatened by the return of Suzanne’s first love and soul-mate, Braam. With a box full of memories and the bond still strong between them, Braam pulls out all the stops to woo back the woman of his heart.

Will Suzanne’s memories with Braam be enough to revive their once magical love, or will Suzanne see a different opportunity and embrace this new chance with both hands?

Suzanne’s Chance, Book Six in the Love in South Africa series, highlights the glorious grace of God in the second chances He offers.


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